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Release muscle tension from the comfort of your home

Trigger Point Tool Wood

Applying pressure exactly at the right spot
has never been so easy!

The Backrelease gives you the freedom to work all parts of your body on your own Even the areas of the low back or around the shoulders, which are notoriously hard to reach.

Multifunctional trigger point massage tool for back
Multifunctional trigger point massage tool for shouler and neck

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No matter where it hurts, the Backrelease self-massage tool is the perfect solution for you! Many other tools are limited in their usability, and only work on the legs or the back, or they require extra help for use. Backrelease gives you the freedom to work all parts of your body on your own. Even the areas of the low back or around the shoulders, which are notoriously hard to reach. Applying the right amount of pressure to exactly the right spot will effectively release any tenseness or tightness around your body.

Chronic pains in particular require targeted, intensive and most importantly regular treatment. All of these aspects are easily covered by using the Backrelease! The process of healing is in your hands, giving you the power to finally break through the cycle of pain and muscle tightness. Regular use of the Backrelease will resolve your pain quickly and effectively!

Adhesion of the connective tissue not only cause pain, but also lead to reduced ability of the tissue to shift. This in turn limits the mobility of the joints, leaving you feeling stiff and inflexible. Due to its precisely localized effectiveness, the Backrelease targets these Adhesion directly, and you will immediately feel the improved flexibility. Regular use of the Backrelease will maintain your flexibility, leaving you to feel light and free.

Everyone doing sports regularly knows that regeneration is a vital part of the training! Those pushing their bodies to the limit need the most effective regeneration. Backrelease is the perfect tool for you! The treatment increases the blood supply and releases areas of tenseness, thereby optimizing regeneration. You can simply treat all muscles that you worked hard during training. This gives you very individual treatment, getting you ready for the next training session.

Get the best from your body while feeling as good as never before! You want to be fitter, peak in your training and improve your technique? Use the Backrelease self-massage tool! By precise treatment of your triggerpoints and fascia throughout the body, you can remove any obstacle in the way of better performance. It renders your body ready for action, finally pushing you up the next level. Backrelease will get your there!

What is SMR – Self Myofascial Release


The abbreviation SMR stands for self myofascial release.

SMR is a self-applied (myo)fascial release or relaxation. The term fascia is used synonymous for connective tissue in the […]

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The most prominent feature here is the empowerment to help oneself!

It is a high-grade natural product, sustainably produced, made of high-density wood, treated with natural oils and therefore fully biocompatible.

Natural Product

Natural Product


Given the high demand on the muscles after each trapeze session, I have the need for myofascial release, due to tissue tightness and adhesions. The Backrelease self-massage tool allows me to have very precise control of exactly where to apply the pressure, and to keep the tool in place while applying the pressure. Furthermore, the different attachments give me a wide range of options on the pressure area. The tool is ultra compact and I can easily take it with me wherever I go to train or perform.

Mauro Costa, 54, former Engineer, currently flying trapeze artist

My whole life I have incorporated sports into my every day life. For the past two years sitting in a chair working on the computer I have developed very tight hamstrings. I practice yoga 5 times per week to try to release the tension but I have not been fully able to. After using Backrelease I have been able to decrease the tension and pain by targeting certain muscles using the different attachments. Thanks to the easy to use Backrelease, I feel my chronic symptom is now much better!

Christa Niederberger, 38, Office Worker, part time in Gastro

I’ve played the violin since I was a child and I almost always have pain in my back especially between my shoulder blades! I used Backrelease which proved a great experience. I can now say I have much less pain then before. I experimented with the Backrelease and found the handheld tool is very versatile; a friend used the base tool to my back which definitely release some chronic pain. ! I recommend the Backrelease to the musicians as you can carry it with you to concerts as well as use it at home.

Bzhwen, 29, Musician/Violinist.

I travel a lot by plane, often only with carry-on luggage. That means I have limited space available. The constant plague of flying leaves me in a state of stress and gives me regular neck pain. The Backrelease fits very well into my life! It’s the perfect travel companion and my personal therapist no matter where I am. I am finally pain-free and cannot fathom traveling without this great massage tool!

Stefan Müller, 38, Business consultant, travels all over Europe