Self massage

During an acute phase with high levels of chronic pain I asked every therapist I visited how to work on myself. By and by the topic of self massage, particularly in the context of fascia and trigger points, became the most important component of the resolution of my muscular pain.

DIY – scratch your own itch

The skills acquired during my profession as toolmaker motivated me to develop my own device. This put me into the advantageous position of developer and test person at the same time. It still required several prototypes until the final structure emerged, which guarantees the optimal combination of usability, size and functionality. The choice of wood as source material suggested itself, as it is solid enough and is skin compatible. The appealing appearance of different types of wood are an added bonus. Finally, wood has a very comfortable appearance, unlike more clinical material such as metal.

Why does Backrelease exist?

The Backrelease massage tool was developed from an unmet need to be able to self-treat my muscle tenseness and muscle pain.

The spark was ignited during one of my travels. I have always enjoyed sports such as kite surfing, surfing or snow sports. But the increased burden on the musculature caused recurrent problems. These experiences increased the urge to find a device with the following characteristics:

  • Treatment of all muscle groups, especially of the dorsal (back) muscles
  • Affecting deep muscle tissue
  • Small and portable

These were the lead thoughts for the development of a multifunctional massage device that can be used all over the body, and that allows access to the entire back, the shoulders and the back of the neck.

The most prominent feature here is the empowerment to help oneself.

The following therapeutic approaches play an important role:

  • Self myofascial release
  • Resolution of knots in fascial tissue
  • Treatment of triggerpoints

Pros and Cons of Self massage

The motivation to treat oneself and to take responsibility for one’s actions are fundamental to self massage.

The advantages of self massage are impressive:

  • Self empowerment
  • Cost effective
  • No appointment necessary
  • Anytime, anywhere

Benefits and achievements of self treatment:

  • Increased self esteem
  • Increased belief in the self healing powers of your body
  • Feeling of independence

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There are disadvantages:

  • Partial incomplete relaxation of the muscles
  • Self discipline required
  • Accessibleness of the muscles

How the process could work for you:

  • Initially you use a tennis ball. The ball can be wedged in between a wall and the back in order to exert some pressure onto the musculature.
  • With time you would like to intensify the massage in order to relieve the knots and tenseness from the muscles. Therefore you need a harder massage ball, which are available in different sizes.
  • Further on you would like to exert more focussed pressure to reach deeper muscle tissue. You discover massage sticks and similar devices.
  • You would also like to treat the lower back and realize that you are unable to exert sufficient pressure with your devices.
  • You are frequently travelling and would like to take your device with you.

Welcome to my world!

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