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Piriformis Syndrome

A painful pulling in the buttocks, maybe even down to the back of the thigh, so that you can no longer sit. Does this sound familiar to you? Many people are familiar with these symptoms, which are often falsely attributed to herniated discs. But the intervertebral discs do not have to be the cause of [...]

Piriformis Syndrome2021-12-28T15:22:18+01:00

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger Points? Maybe you have heard a bit about trigger points, but for many people it’s not quite clear what they are and how they develop. This is why we would like to present here what you should know about trigger points. What defines a trigger point? The secret lies in the word, as the [...]

What are Trigger Points?2021-12-22T00:00:55+01:00

What are fascia?

Fascia everywhere Everybody is talking about fascia these days. The term springs up at the gym, in the pharmacy newsletter and at the doctor’s, giving the impression that fascia may really be the solution for everything! What’s behind the phenomenon? What exactly are fascia? Why are they so important for you? Just a buzzword, [...]

What are fascia?2021-12-17T19:25:28+01:00

Can a muscle be too short?

Muscle shortening Most of us have been told before to have a shortened muscle that has become tight. Either after sport, or during therapy for different kinds of pain. But can muscles really shorten? If so, how can they be lengthened again? Or is there another reason behind it? Misdirection Sometimes simplified phrases are spread [...]

Can a muscle be too short?2021-12-17T19:26:41+01:00

Why the Backrelease?

The practical therapist I have been working as a therapist for ten years in an office focussing on orthopedics, surgery and sport physiotherapy. I am dealing with patients suffering from pain and limited movement ability, reducing their capacity and quality of life, on a daily basis. In my therapy I am concentrating on reducing and [...]

Why the Backrelease?2021-12-17T19:27:29+01:00
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