How tennis elbow became mouse elbow

You have certainly heard the term tennis elbow before. It raises the assumption that sufferers contract these complaints during sporting activity. But this is hardly true nowadays. Rather, tennis elbow has evolved into mouse arm, and is now sometimes described as such. The strain on the computer with the mouse or the touchpad causes this [...]

How tennis elbow became mouse elbow2022-04-15T22:01:41+02:00

Office work leaves its mark

Digitization is making our everyday lives much easier. More and more things can be controlled by computer, so that work processes function faster and faster. But the consequence is that we move less and less. It is no longer necessary to go to the post office because we can send e-mails. We no longer go [...]

Office work leaves its mark2022-04-11T13:02:22+02:00

Piriformis Syndrome

A painful pulling in the buttocks, maybe even down to the back of the thigh, so that you can no longer sit. Does this sound familiar to you? Many people are familiar with these symptoms, which are often falsely attributed to herniated discs. But the intervertebral discs do not have to be the cause of [...]

Piriformis Syndrome2021-12-28T15:22:18+01:00

Take more responsibility for your health again!

How much responsibility do you actively take for your health? Perhaps you now think that you are largely responsible for your own well-being. If that is really the case: very good! But most people rely too much on external influences or rest on them. Let’s analyze that together Nutrition An important part of our health [...]

Take more responsibility for your health again!2022-04-13T16:14:37+02:00

How constant sitting harms us in the long run

There are many things in life that damage our health. These include smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol or sweets. But one thing that also significantly disrupts our well-being occurs daily for most people. Sitting! Why humans are not made for sitting Let’s take a step back, to the Stone Age. Here, it was common that [...]

How constant sitting harms us in the long run2022-06-05T19:51:10+02:00

Get rid of headaches without tablets?

Tension headache, migraine or cluster headache. Headaches have become so common that they are already part of everyday life for many. About 70% of the population suffer from these complaints, about 25% even regularly. Reaching for a tablet is the most common remedy of choice, and women in particular often carry a small pharmacy [...]

Get rid of headaches without tablets?2021-12-17T19:25:04+01:00

Why less sleep leads to more pain

What type of sleeper are you? Do you fall asleep within seconds and then can’t be disturbed by anything, or do you toss and turn for hours and feel like you’re exhausted in the morning? According to studies, around 80% of working people have trouble sleeping. They either have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through [...]

Why less sleep leads to more pain2022-09-06T13:10:48+02:00

What are Trigger Points?

Trigger Points? Maybe you have heard a bit about trigger points, but for many people it’s not quite clear what they are and how they develop. This is why we would like to present here what you should know about trigger points. What defines a trigger point? The secret lies in the word, as the [...]

What are Trigger Points?2021-12-22T00:00:55+01:00

What are fascia?

Fascia everywhere Everybody is talking about fascia these days. The term springs up at the gym, in the pharmacy newsletter and at the doctor’s, giving the impression that fascia may really be the solution for everything! What’s behind the phenomenon? What exactly are fascia? Why are they so important for you? Just a buzzword, [...]

What are fascia?2021-12-17T19:25:28+01:00

What is SMR – Self Myofascial Release

Introduction The abbreviation SMR stands for self myofascial release. SMR is a self-applied (myo)fascial release or relaxation. The term fascia is used synonymous for connective tissue in the context described here. Detailed explanations shall clarify which connective tissue is implied, along with its normal function, and, most importantly, why release using The Backrelease is [...]

What is SMR – Self Myofascial Release2021-12-17T19:25:39+01:00
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