How much responsibility do you actively take for your health? Perhaps you now think that you are largely responsible for your own well-being. If that is really the case: very good! But most people rely too much on external influences or rest on them.

Let’s analyze that together

  • Nutrition

An important part of our health is nutrition. It is the cornerstone of a well-functioning body. Most people know themselves whether they really eat a healthy and balanced diet or whether they should change something. Nevertheless, here are a few basic factors:

  • Integrate fruits and vegetables into your diet every day
  • Sweets, including sweet drinks, should be an exception.
  • Drink 1,5 – 2 l water or unsweetened teas.
  • Distinguish between real hunger and short-term appetite

These things sound logical, but many people do not heed such recommendations! But this is already an important point, which you control yourself every day! Just ask yourself if you want to unnecessarily burden or even poison your body, or if you want to provide it with high-quality fuel so that it can perform at 100%.

  • Exercise

There are many excuses here. No time, too exhausted or too unmotivated are just a few ones. But it is in your hands every day! Do you take the elevator or the stairs? The car even for short distances or the bicycle? Do you sit down on the couch right after work or do you go for a walk?

Not everyone has to be a competitive athlete, but each of us can push ourselves to move a little more. In doing so, everyone has to leave their comfort zone and get over themselves at the start. It doesn’t matter if it’s early, late, strenuous, cold or anything else. You don’t need equipment or a gym to do this! Even a short walk is better than nothing! By doing this, you are already strengthening your cardiovascular system and actively supporting your health!

  • Mental health

Another important point, which is nevertheless often forgotten. If the mind is not healthy, the body will also get sick in the long run. If you are in a bad mood, annoyed or stressed every day, you will become physically ill in the long run. So don’t just accept your situation, become active and act responsibly!

You are unhappy in your relationship? Then talk about the problems or separate if it doesn’t continue to work together. You don’t like your job? Then look for other possibilities! Dare to make a change and leave the familiar path. Do further education, write applications and actively look for other opportunities!

It is up to you to change these things. No one else can do it for you.

  • Advice from doctors/therapists

When we are sick, we go to the doctor or therapist. However, many people have the attitude that the professionals make them well again. In most cases, however, this is wrong! The doctor and the therapist usually give you tips and advice on how to work on getting well yourself.

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It is up to you to accept and implement this help. You have to work continuously on becoming and staying pain-free and healthy.

This is also the background of Backrelease. Take responsibility for your own health. Relying on others also means making your own well-being dependent on others. But doctors and therapists are not always available.

It was important to us to handle exactly that differently. After all, the best feeling is to be independent and to have the means in your own hands to help yourself. For this reason, we try to be a partner to you, showing you how to do something about your ailments yourself.

Take your health back into your own hands!

Your Backrelease Team

Laura, physiotherapist for ten years