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Get rid of headaches without tablets?

Tension headache, migraine or cluster headache. Headaches have become so common that they are already part of everyday life for many. About 70% of the population suffer from these complaints, about 25% even regularly. Reaching for a tablet is the most common remedy of choice, and women in particular often carry a small pharmacy [...]

Get rid of headaches without tablets?2021-05-30T16:32:18+02:00

Why less sleep leads to more pain

What type of sleeper are you? Do you fall asleep within seconds and then can't be disturbed by anything, or do you toss and turn for hours and feel like you're exhausted in the morning? According to studies, around 80% of working people have trouble sleeping. They either have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through [...]

Why less sleep leads to more pain2021-02-07T16:48:40+01:00

How Kickstarter Crowdfunding Works…

...for us with a physical product. Simply put, we have the opportunity to show the massage tool on the kickstarter crowdfunding-platform to the world. People who like the Backrelease can then pre-order it within a month. Once we have reached our defined funding goal, that is, enough pre-orders have been made, we will go [...]

How Kickstarter Crowdfunding Works…2020-04-02T15:58:33+02:00

How I managed to control my muscular pain issues

Focussing on sports The infinite possibilities of physical activities, doing different kinds of sports and enjoying nature with all its elements triggers a feeling of liberty inside me that plays a central role in my life. Due to my urge to move I started to passionately indulge in sports already in my early childhood. [...]

How I managed to control my muscular pain issues2020-04-04T21:07:23+02:00
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